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June 21 2013


Free Minecraft

By using this website, you agree that you are only using the website to determine whether or not you enjoy the game "Minecraft" before you purchase it. You also agree that you will not be using the site as a replacement for purchasing the game, only as a demonstration before you actually purchase the game. You also understand that the owners, users, and staff of this website can not and will not be held responsible for anything that happens as a result of you using this website.

This website is only to be used for educational or demonstrational purposes.


Welcome to the Minecraft For Free "About" page. I decided i'd create this page to tell you just a bit about the site. (Under construction!)

MinecraftForFree was created so that people can try Minecraft before they purchase it to make sure they like the game.

If you enjoy Minecraft after trying it here, I strongly urge you to purchase the game at Minecraft's Store The site is not meant to be used to get the game for free forever, just to try it out before you buy. The game really is worth purchasing, and I can almost guarantee you will not regret purchasing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do mods work on Minecraft For Free?
Answer: Unfortunately at this time mods do not work in the web version. Buy Minecraft to use mods.

2. This website is wrong! It should be taken down!
Answer: As far as I am aware, Mojang does not have a problem with this website.(Notch even tells people to pirate Minecraft.)

3. Does multiplayer work?
Answer: Yes, but ONLY on cracked (offline mode) servers. You will not be able to play on a premium server for paid members.

4. Do you know any cracked servers I can play on?
Answer: Yes! We have our own server.

5. I am getting a white or black screen. How do I fix this?
Answer: This error is usually caused when you've tried to install a mod, or your installation has just gone wonky. Follow these steps to fix it.

6. I can't play Minecraft for free on my Mac.
Answer: This is a bug with Apple's version of Java. There is a workaround, however. The workaround can be found by clicking here.

free minecraft
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